The Problem with Traffic

There’s a problem with traffic, paid and free, that no one likes to talk about.

But I will.

Even at the risk of stepping on some toes in our marketing department.
(Ads, social, blog.)

Because here’s the thing…

You CAN lose your shirt when you pay for traffic.

Don’t get me wrong. We pay for ads and get signups. And we’re always trying to improve the ROI.

The spend can get out of control.

So what if you’re just starting?

Or don’t have a team dedicated to it?

On top of that…

You don’t own it or really have any control over it.

Things could change at any moment and *POOF* it’s gone.

Free traffic like SEO and social media are great.

You own the content and have more control (minus the algorithm), but it takes sooo long.

And again, things could change at any moment and then your business is impacted.

So what can you do?

Use strategies that keep you in control…

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