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You spend hours writing content, yet little to no people read it.

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A lot is changing with Googleโ€™s algorithm this year.

The big one that is coming up is the Page Experience update.

So how do you ensure that you continually do well when no one truly knows Googleโ€™s algorithm?

To keep things simple, I have 6 steps for you to follow.

Following each one will help you dominate Google and your competition in the long run.

And if you donโ€™t time to follow it all, make sure you check out step 4. Off-site SEO is anything you can do to get traffic from different channels as links, social media, social bookmarking and more.

On-site SEO is optimization of different parts of your website, including content.

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No matter what youโ€™re selling online,

You could use MORE sales.

And whatโ€™s the best way to do that?

More money on ads?

Increase SEO content output?

More videos?

Yeah, those CAN work.

And you can do the math to see exactly how many more clicks you need to increase your profits.

But I have something even better to focus on first.

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Ecommerce is more competitive than it used to be.

Ecommerce takes longer work than it used to.

But does that mean all hope is lost?

Of course not.

I have a unique solution for you today that will help.

Iโ€™ve tried out a lot of Ecommerce experiments that work. 19 to be exact.

I know itโ€™s a lot to run, but just pick and try it out.

Seriously, just pick, try it out and let me know what happens.

I bet it will work well.

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๐Ÿ‘‰ An often overlooked funnel strategy

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๐Ÿ‘‰ The single biggest mistake internet marketers are making RIGHT NOW

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